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The 3D-Shield armour for wheeled vehicle from Colombia

3D-Shield armour for wheeled vehicle from Colombia

At the Worldwide Exhibition of Internal State Security, Milipol 2009, the Colombian company Armor International Integral Security presents his high technology armour protection for civilian or military wheeled vehicle. The 3D-Shield is an advanced armoring system who offers advantages over any products in the market. This unique, patented and precise three-dimensional armouring system is made of thermoformed panels which fit exactly to the body of the vehicle. With this innovative no-cut-no-damage design, there is no modification, the basic vehicle is armoured, keeping the original electrical system and without structural cuts, assuring top quality, fit, finish and functionality. In addition, full sized armored panels require fewer joints, reducing weight, welds and clinches.

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Armor materials

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With Rolling Armor you can prevent from stopping the vehicle.

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Used Armored Vehicles

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